Aluminum tiles (Lay-in & Clip-In)

Aluminum Tile (Lay-In)

Lay-In Ceiling Tile system is very versatile and durable.
The lay-in tile allows installation, removal and maintenance without any damage to the system.
  • FSP provides two compatible sizes in both plain and perforated options
Installation Method : The FSP lay-in system grid is composed primarily of Cross Tee and Main Tee intersecting at various points. Each set of parallel 1200mm has a 600mm Cross Tee connected to the mid-points of both. (Refer to Cross Tee and Main Tee for measurements). 
Lay - In

Aluminum Tile (Clip-In)

Clip-in ceiling tile is a modern method which allows very durable and stable installation. The grid is not visible in this system and it is fixed to and below a primary grid.
  • FSP provides in both plain and perforated options
clip in diagram

Clip-In grid components

  • Main channel
  • Spring tee
  • U-Trim
  • Joint-Clip
  • Provides primary support and lateral restraint.
  • Provides support for Clip-in tile flanges, suspend below suspension channel.
  • Used to create the perfect professional finished edge on the new ceiling.
  • Used to connect one end of the Spring Tee to another one, it is a connection tool.

Spring Tee

The Spring Tee System is designed for use with metal pan clip-in tiles. The clip-in tile corner is inserted directly into the midst of the sprint tee.


Ceiling Panel U-Trim is pre-painted in white and it is used to create the perfect professional finished edge on the new ceiling. This clever U-trim neatly slots on around the entire ceiling to create a stunning flawless look.

Joint Clip

Joint clips are used for expansion of spring tee in clip in ceiling system.

Aluminum Tiles Detail (Lay-In & Clip-In)


• Tiles are made from pre-painted aluminum
• Color: RAL 9016
• Thickness: 0.6 – 0.8mm
• For Perforated tile – Black fleece rolls


Force Steel Profiles also offers unique systems providing the specifier unlimited design possibilities for applications ranging from banks, corporate offices, schools, airports and commercial buildings such as shopping malls.


• Easy access for service maintenance
• Robust and easy to clean
• High sound absorption and sound attenuation
• Extensive range of perimeter options
• Environmentally friendly and recyclable
• Durable and washable polyester powder finish

Sound Absorption

“Sound absorption” describes the reduction of noise within a room. Perforated ceiling tiles with an acoustic fleece overlay it absorb sound energy and serve to control acoustic reverberation time. Different combinations of perforated open areas and acoustic pad density / thickness provide different levels of sound absorption.

Acoustical Performance Details